Prices listed include taxes, delivery, servicing, pick-up and a $25.00 refundable cleaning deposit. Cleaning deposits are refunded if the product comes back clean, dry and defrosted. Delivery/Pickup information is listed below!

  • Medium Bar Refrigerator

    • Height

    • Width

    • Depth

    • Mid-size refrigerator with no freezer
    • Large bottle storage
    • Includes a Canstor beverage dispenser
    • Scratch resistant worktop to store accessories
    • 2 removable shelves
    • Drip Tray
    Two Semesters

Pickup Schedule

Products Will be Picked Up
Friday November 16, 2018

Your Coldex fridge will be picked up Directly from your room. Please remember to lock the fridge in your room after you move out! Deposits are returned by MasterCard, Visa or by Cheque 6-8 weeks from date of pick up, only after your Deposit Form has been completed. This ensures that Coldex has your correct credit card information and up to date home address. To receive your deposit, the Coldex rental unit must be:

  • 1.
  • 2.
  • 3.
  • 4.
    Fully Dry
  • 5.
    With the cord tucked in to the back of the unit

Failure to return the product as described above will result in the forfeit of your cleaning deposit. If you are still in residence at this time, please have your fridge ready for pickup. We will gain access via security to pick up the unit. If you have moved rooms, or the unit you rented is not in the room specified on your contract, you must contact Coldex immediately. Coldex communicates exclusively by e-mail to ensure prompt response!

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